NYC PREMIERE of Paige Sarlin’s [six years] (2022)


ANTHOLOGY FILM ARCHIVES, 32 Second Avenue, New York, NY

A meditation on the transformations of perception produced by loss, Paige Sarlin’s [six years] marks an anniversary of the filmmaker and musician Tony Conrad’s death on April 6th, 2016, with an assemblage of documentary images and sounds created in the apartment in Buffalo, NY where Sarlin and Conrad lived together.  

On the night Tony died, Paige played cello to him for hours as his breathing slowed and changed. [six years] contains excerpts from that audio recorded at Hospice Buffalo and explores the capacity of video to function as a holding space for grief. Balloons will be provided.

To commemorate the premiere (and another anniversary of Tony’s death), Sarlin’s 30-minute video will be preceded by two videos Conrad made with other collaborators. 

TRT: ca. 55 mins

Tony Conrad


1981, video, 12 min

Though the accordion can be complex, many people find it relatively easy to learn a simple tune. The first step is to find a good teacher. Once you’ve found a teacher, you must practice regularly to play well – Tameda Jones “How To Play The Accordion” 2022

Tony Conrad with Keith Sanborn and Barbara Broughel


1982/2011, 16mm transfer to video, 9 min

A theory discourse among three participants, enacted in silhouette. – Tony Conrad

Paige Sarlin

[six years] 

2022, digital, 30 min

Like Conrad’s classic THE FLICKER, this experimental video begins with a warning and an instruction for the audience. [six years] contains excerpts of audio recorded at Hospice Buffalo on the day that Conrad died and a balloon will be provided as a prosthetic for every viewer. To feel… hold balloon.

TRT: ca. 55 min

Still from Accordion (1981)

Still from Palace of Error (1982/2011)